Friday, May 2, 2008

The Great Canadian Shop Hop: Ready to View!

Tricia Sherman's Great Canadian Shop Hop programme that was filmed at the Country Quilter in Richmond, Ontario is now on her website. You can see my demo on Memory Quilts, as well as all the events connected with the Quilt Marathon, held annually at the shop.

Go to Great Canadian Shop Hop. Click on Video Player, then Video Library. Scroll down to Show 7 and hit the Play button.

The filming of the show took many hours and Tricia and her editors have done a wonderful job of showing all the highlights of that day in a few minutes. Congratulations to everyone involved!

The show will also be shown on the QNN network in the very near future.

Here are some pictures of the "Hang Ups" series of patterns that I talked about on the show.

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