Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Maryna's First Quilting Project

Last March and April I wrote about the Canadian Aid for Chernobyl project and the quilts that my Quilters' Guild made for the orphanages there. For the past 17 years, families in Brockville have hosted children from Chernobyl for 6 weeks during the summer. Kristina (age 13) has been with my neighbours, Peggy and Eric, for the past 6 summers. This year they are also hosting Maryna, one of the interpreters who is here with the children.

Peggy is a quilter too, and after seeing some of Peggy's and my work, Maryna thought she would like to try making a small picture quilt. Yesterday was our first quilting lesson. Maryna has not done any sewing since her school days, but she is a very fast learner! After 2 hours, she had learned how to use a rotary cutter, cut strips and sew a 1/4 inch seam. She also finished the top of her little picture quilt made from my Little Picture Quilt #1 pattern. She is going to put a picture of her 5 year old son in this quilt. On Friday we are going to get together to quilt the first project and sew on the binding. Now she is ready to start another little quilt!

Quilting Lesson #1

Eric has a wonderful blog that is full of information about the Canadian Aid for Chernobyl project. He has also just posted pictures of all the children arriving at the Ottawa airport after their 28 hour flight from Chernobyl.

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