Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Quilts for Maryna!

Maryna has already chosen her next project. She is going to make my Little Picture Quilt #4 pattern. When I went to Maryna's place for her second lesson, she had already cut out all the pieces. This is work from someone who started quilting one week ago!

Maryna, Kristina and Maggie have also visited one of our local quilt shops and chosen fabric for another project. They are going to be making beach bags from this great fabric they found at Picket Fence Fabrics.

Maryna and Kristina will only be in Canada for 3 more weeks before they return to Belarus and Chernobyl. I think we are all going to be very busy getting all these projects completed! What a thrill it has been for me to see the excitement these little projects have created!

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