Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Maryna, the Newest Quilter in Belarus

Tomorrow, Maryna is leaving for home in Belarus. She has been here in Brockville for the past 6 weeks as one of the interpreters for the 20 children from Chernobyl who have been staying with local families. I met Maryna about 4 weeks ago and although she had not done any sewing since her school days, she expressed an interest in learning to quilt. Maryna has been the most amazing quilting student! I just showed her a technique once and she could do it.

She has now completed 2 of my Little Picture Quilt patterns and a tote bag. While I was away last week, she sewed the background for Christine Baker's "Home Sweet Home" pattern and this morning I showed her how to do fusible applique and finish the edges with a blanket stitch. She also had a pattern for a table runner, which is a little complicated for a beginner, but we started on that as well. Before she left my place today, she chose a selection of fat quarters from my stash to go with all the other equipment she has gathered up in the past month - rotary cutter, board, rulers and, of course, more fabric.

Maryna's husband called from Belarus while she was here, but like any true quilter, she continued choosing her fat quarters while talking to him!

My fellow pattern designer, Nellie Holmes, gave her an extra machine she had, but Maryna will have to wait until March to actually receive it. That is when the Canadian Aid for Chernobyl Foundation ships their containers of goods to Chernobyl.

Here is Maryna with her bag of fat quarters and her latest table runner project. She thought she might have to leave her summer clothes here so all the quilting supplies could go in her suitcase!

You can read more about Maryna and our sewing adventures by clicking on the "Canadian Aid for Chernobyl" label at the bottom of this post.

Have a good trip home, Maryna. It has been a real pleasure getting to know you. I am really looking forward to seeing pictures of all your quilt projects. Next year we will start quilting as soon as you arrive in Brockville!

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