Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The RCMP Musical Ride Comes to Brockville

Today, the famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride was performed in Brockville in honour of Douglas Scott, a 20 year old RCMP officer who was killed last November while on duty in Nunavut in northern Canada. Doug and his family lived in the Brockville area and he attended the police program here at St. Lawrence College. It was a fitting tribute that the Musical Ride was performed on the grounds of the College.

The 36 horses arrived here last night in 3 tractor trailers. Another tractor trailer brought all the equipment. The horses were housed at St. Alban's stable which is just a couple of blocks from my house. The barns were open all day and you could go to see the horses and talk to the officers on duty.

One of the 3 horse transport trucks

Visitors of all ages could be seen at the barn.

These majestic black horses were obviously used to having lots of visitors. They all were very calm and quiet.

One of the officers on duty who also rode in the Musical Ride at night

Menu of the day

Poop Patrol: All part of a day's work

Almost ready to leave the barn

On the way to the mounting area

The start of the 4 kilometre walk to the College

And here they are in all their glory. What a magnificent sight to see on the streets of Brockville!

You can read more about the Musical Ride by clicking here.

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