Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Fibre Friends Christmas

Our Fibre Friends group meets once a month to work on our quilts and share ideas. Each year in February we exchange 8 fat quarters and then we have until the next December to make a quilt for the person who gave us the fabric. Of course everything is a big secret until the quilts are presented to their owners. Yesterday we met for a delicious lunch and the exchange of quilts. Here are some pictures of the wonderful quilts we received. More pictures coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Last night I received a newsletter via email from Helen Stubbings,a well known and reputed patchworker in Australia. Wow!!! It has certainly opened my eyes to the world of patchwork.

I have checked some of her links to various blogs and websites and that is how I have come to be writing this entry.

Your work is fantastic and inspirational. I am a school teacher with little time during the year to do patchwork. Now we are on our summer holidays and I am getting inspirations from all over the world. I cannot wait to start making my daughter's quilt.

Keep inspiring the world of patchworkers!!!

Jean Boyd said...

Thanks for writing. I have met Helen Stubbings several times at the International Quilt Market in the US and I think her work is spectacular. Glad you enjoyed my Blog.