Thursday, December 25, 2008

Quilt It For Keepsakes Magazine

Yesterday I received my copy of Quilt It For Keepsakes magazine. This great magazine is published once a year in December and shows many ways to create memory quilts.

I have 2 little projects in this year's edition of the magazine. Little Cowpoke is a picture of my brother taken many years ago when the pony came around the neighbourhood and all the kids had their picture taken. I printed the photo on EQ printables fabric and then incorporated it into some pre-printed fabric. It is shown on the left in the photo below.

My other project is called Ancestors. It is the brown/beige quilt in the picture below. Actually, I call them my instant ancestors because I really have no idea who the people are. I collect antique photographs and often use them in my work. This is a small piece about 9" x 7".

Both of these pieces are in the article called Picture This on pages 12 - 15 in the magazine. The magazine was printed with 2 different covers this year. The other cover features a beige and pink quilt. The magazine is conducting a survey to see which cover is more popular. Details are included on page 4 in the magazine.


Roni at the Quilt Shop said...

Hi Jean
I just ordered one of your patterns from Clotilde. The pattern shows a beautiful metal stand that holds the little quilt. Could you tell me where I can get the little stand?
Your site is wonderful.
I plan on going out to get the magazine today.
Roni in CT

Jean Boyd said...

Hi Roni
Thanks for the kind comments. I am glad you enjoyed my Blog and website. Please e-mail me privately and I will give you some information about the quilt stands. My e-mail address is