Friday, April 3, 2009

Canadian Aid for Chernobyl

You will notice that I have added a link to the Canadian Aid for Chernobyl site in the Favorite Blogs section of this Blog. This organization is based in my city of Brockville.

Here is their mission statement:
Canadian Aid for Chernobyl is dedicated to providing humanitarian and medical aid to those affected by the world’s worst nuclear disaster. Our primary focus is on the most vulnerable victims - the children - offering a healthy respite and dental and medical care in Canada to those who continue to live each day amidst the extreme radioactive pollutants.

My Guild, The Thousand Islands Quilters' Guild, sends over 100 quilts every year to the children in the Chernobyl area.

This picture shows some of the 152 quilts made by members of our Guild and the community as they are being presented to Eric McKenzie (far right), President and Communications Director of the Canadian Aid for Chernobyl.

Eric is part of the delegation that is in Belarus now and is the author of the CAC Blog. I hope you will enjoy reading about this amazing organization!

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Goumas said...

This is great. I would love to be a member of a guild, how this is possible?