Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CreativFestival: Opening Day

The CreativFestival show in Toronto opened at 9 am and when we arrived shortly after 8, there was already a line-up. The aisles were filled with enthusastic shoppers all day. With all the news of a poor economy these days, we were all somewhat concerned. But it seems that people in the quilting, sewing and crafting business in general continue to be up-beat and definitely want to purchase all those new and different products that are available. Several vendors also noticed that there seemed to be more young people at this show than in previous years. That is another good sign for our industry.

Here are some pictures of the show that were taken on the second day because it was too busy for me to be out of the booth on Day 1. Even on the second day, it was so busy I had Janet's daughter, Sarah, take pictures for me because I couldn't leave the booth. Thanks, Sarah, for these great shots!

Watch for more pictures coming soon!

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