Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Quilts in Chernobyl

Here is another excerpt from Eric McKenzie's Blog. He has just distributed the last of the quilts, many of which were made right here in Brockville.

Murray and I went to the Chausy Orphanage today for a few last items on our list. We were the lucky ones who got to present more of the quilts created by a group of Quilters in Brockville. We let the children pick out their own as it means a lot to them to get to choose. Here are some of the childen making their selections.

And here is a small group of the children with their new quilts.

It is so rewarding for us to see that our quilts are truly appreciated in the orphanages and homes in Chernobyl. Thanks, Eric and all members of the Canadian Aid for Chernobyl group, for a job well done!

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