Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Ultimate Sewing Place

Yesterday I visited The Ultimate Sewing Place, a huge quilt shop in Titusville, Florida. On the pattern rack I found patterns by my friend and fellow designer, Janet Rice Bredin. Here is her Pansy pattern.

One wall of the shop was devoted to thread.

Fabric was everywhere. As you can see, there is too much fabric for the shelves and the over-flow is on the floor!

And yes, I did manage to find some fabric I just couldn't live without!


Anonymous said...

How COOL to see MY lqs in your blog ! I live in Cocoa, FL, and shop at Ultimate Sewing regularly ! In fact, my family KNOWS, and my Mother's Day card has a gift card enclosed for Ultimate Sewing - my FAVORITE gift ! Peg is a talented, savvy shop owner who knows what we quilters love !

I was googling a quilt pattern when I found your blog. Now I'll bookmark it and watch for your designs !

Mary Nebel

Jean said...

Hi Mary. Glad you found my Blog. The Ultimate Sewing Place was a great place to visit when I was there on my winter holiday.