Thursday, May 7, 2009

EQ Printables Blog

Electric Quilt Company has just started a new category on their Blog showing some of the many projects that have been created using their EQ Printables fabric sheets. You can check it out here. (Thanks, Andrea, for including some of my projects in your new section!)

I have been a fan of EQ Printables for many years and use the fabric in all my Memory Quilts. These fabric sheets were one of my best selling items at the recent CreativFestival in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. In fact, I ran out of the packages by the middle of the first day of the show. Then I started single sheets from my own "stash" and managed to sell all of them as well.

I will be at the International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh next week and you can be sure I will be stocking up on EQ Printables packages again for my Quilt Canada show in Saskatoon the following week.

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