Monday, July 20, 2009

The Stitchers' Angels Project

You may have noticed this "Stitchers' Angel" button on my Blog. This is a project run by Helen Stubbings from Tasmania, Australia. I first met Helen when I was at the Australian Quilt Market Trade Show a few years ago. We met again at Quilt Market in Houston and Salt Lake City. Helen and her sister, Tracey, were right across the aisle from us at the show.

Here is how the "Stitchers' Angel" project works: There are two ways to take part. You can just visit the site every week beginning Monday 17th August to view and print a free pattern - yes a free pattern from a fantastic designer. There will be seven free patterns, one each week.

You can join in the swap by filling out and emailing the form on Helen's site. You will be allocated a Secret Stitching angel and will be given a Stitcher for you to spoil. Over the seven weeks you need to hand-stitch at least three projects with which to surprise your stitcher. Of course you can make more than three! Each participant will receive at least three lovely surprises in the mail. The theme this year is Roses.

Maybe you would like to join? Click here for more details!

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