Monday, October 19, 2009

CreativFestival 2009: Set-up Day

Set-up day at CreativFestival in Toronto is always an adventure! Drive through downtown Toronto rush hour traffic at 7 am to get to the vehicle marshalling yard. (Mapquest tells me it should take 20 minutes but it really takes 60 minutes!) Check in at the marshalling yard with all the transport trucks and get a loading-dock pass for the van. Wait in the marshalling yard until it's time to go the Convention Centre. Pull up to the loading dock. Surrender your driver's license so you can get a move-in dolly. Load up the dolly. Push it to the booth. Unload. Return the dolly. Retrieve the driver's license. And now it's time to set up! Time: 9:30 a.m.

It's hard to concentrate on my own booth as everyone else is setting up and I want to see it all.

This was a great booth with wonderful knitting patterns for children's clothes.

Bolts and bolts of fabric!

Unrolling the Quilt of Belonging and getting it ready to hang.

Notions and sewing machines everywhere.
To be continued!

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