Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Neighbours at Quilt Market

Here are some pictures of fellow pattern designers at Quilt Market

This is the Quilters' Clutter booth. Shauna Case is from Alberta and does wonderful pattern designs.

Here are Deirdre and Leonie all the way from Australia. More great pattern designers!

Helen Stubbings is from Tasmania in Australia.

Daphne Greig (partner of Susan Purney-Mark of Patchwork Studios) is from Vancouver Island.


Kona Bay Fabrics Blog said...

Hi Jean-

Thanks for blogging about your Quilt Market activities!

As a vendor at Quilt Market, I do not always get a chance to get out and look at all the beautiful booths so thanks for sharing!!

Douglas Eagleson
President, Kona Bay Fabrics

Jean Boyd said...

Thanks for looking at my Blog. I also was barely out of my booth at Market, so unfortunately did not get to see much of the show either. There did seem to be a lot of activity and everyone was quite enthusiastic.