Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Projects: Part 2

About 3 years ago I purchased this batik panel from my friend, Pippa Moore, of  Kitambaa Designs. I am using leftover fabric from my African Safari design to make some pieced blocks to complement the panel.


I purchased these 2 panels when I was in South Africa 4 years ago. Again I am using leftover fabric to make some pieced blocks. Maybe all 3 panels will end up in one quilt? Maybe I will have 3 separate quilts? Sometimes these projects take on a life of their own, so who knows what may happen!


moosestashquilting said...

Those all are wonderful. I love panels with different ethnic backgrounds. There is nothing that commerates a trip better than those and what a great way to use them. I have some aboriginal ones a friend brought back from Australia for me. Not knowing just what to do with them, they have been just sitting. Now I have a direction to go with them. Thanks!

Jean Boyd said...

Glad I was able to give you some inspiration. Send me a picture of your finished quilts!