Monday, September 10, 2012

An Olympian and His Quilt

A few weeks ago I wrote about the quilt that my friend Peggy made for Conlin McCabe from Brockville, Ontario. Conlin won a silver medal in rowing at the recent summer Olympics, and has been back in Brockville for the past few weeks. His quilt went to London with him, but he has brought it back to us so we can add the pictures of his Olympic race and the medal ceremony. He also has the signatures of his rowing team and they will be incorporated as well.

Peggy and Conlin came over for a visit today. What a fine young man he is! Here is a picture of them with the quilt top. He is heading back to school now, but when he comes back, the quilt will be finished and he will have it as a permanent remembrance of his early rowing days and his impressive recent accomplishments.

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