Sunday, January 20, 2008

Daily Photograph

My photo challenge this year is to put a different picture on my Blog everyday. These will be pictures taken the day on which they are posted. I have also created a link right below my daily photograph that will take you to all the pictures I have posted. I am still working on this link, trying to make all the pictures the same size, not too small, not too large etc and would appreciate any suggestions you have.

Today I ventured out for a walk - the temperature was -17 C ( 2 degrees F) - and couldn't resist taking this picture of the snow shovel hanging in the tree. At least it won't get lost!

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Janet Rice-Bredin said...

Hi Jean! The Daily Photo Album worked beautifully. Gee, it even looks cold down there in the banana belt of Brockville. We were -32 Celcius this morning up in the real North.

I like PhotoBucket's features, and I will use it for my blog as well.