Sunday, January 27, 2008

More About Photographs on Fabric

Scrapbooking With Fabric

The interest in both scrapbooking and quilting is now at an all-time high and many quilters are also scrapbookers and vice versa. We have digital cameras, scanners and computers, and there are many products available for making high-quality photographs on fabric. Be sure to follow the manufacturers’ instructions for all of the following products.

Fabric sheets (8½" x 11") for printing with an inkjet printer (See my post on January 21 for more information)

Fabric treated with Bubble Jet Set™: This is a liquid used to treat fabric so you can print directly from your computer using an inkjet printer. When using this product, use cotton fabric with a high thread count (200 threads per inch). Cut the fabric so it measures 8½" x 11".

Photo transfer papers: These are available at some photocopy shops or office supply stores. Sometimes the store will transfer your scrapbook page layout or pictures to a special transfer paper and then you can iron the transfer on fabric. Check to make sure that these papers can be used with a household iron as some transfer papers must be used only with a heat press. Always ask for a mirror image of your photographs when using any transfer paper.

Be sure to look at these pages on my web site for more patterns and information
Memory Quilts and Pop-Out Picture Quilts

These patterns have instructions for using pictures that have been transferred or printed on fabric as well as using actual photographs in special picture pockets, so you can change the pictures whenever you wish. So dig out those carefully stored photographs and use them in a special memory quilt that everyone can enjoy!

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