Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chicago Quilt Festival

On our first day in Chicago we visited 3 wonderful quilt shops: The Quilt Merchant, Fabrics Etc. and Quilt Fabric.com. There was an amazing selection of fabric, patterns and books and the staff in each store were most hospitable.

Here is my friend and fellow pattern designer, Janet Rice-Bredin, buying even more fabric for her stash. Be sure to look at Janet's Blog for more pictures and information about our time in Chicago.

Our delicious box lunch arrived just as we finished visiting the last shop. I guess this is the Chicago version of a tail-gate party. All the food was arranged in the luggage compartment of the bus!

During the afternoon we drove around the downtown area of Chicago. What a fascinating city! I would love to return some day to visit the museums and galleries that we only had time to drive by this time. The highlight of the scenic tour was a visit to the "Bean". This is an amazing stainless steel sculpture in Millenium Park that reflects the entire downtown skyline. The second picture, below, was taken from the centre of the sculpture, looking up. Check out this website if you would like more information about the "Bean".

Although it was cold and rainy for most of our visit, the day of the bus tour was bright and sunny. You can imagine how beautiful this city park will be in just a few weeks time after all the plants are in.

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