Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Product: Texture Magic

Texture Magic is a great new product that has just been introduced by Superior Threads. It is a steam-activated fabric that shrinks 30% in all directions with the use of a steam iron. Now you can create your own textured fabric! I had a chance to use this product last month while I was at the Superior School of Threadology in Utah. The possibilities are endless! Have a look at Mother Superior's Blog to learn more about this product.

I will be selling Texture Magic on my web site and at my upcoming shows. Be sure to watch my web site and Blog for more information. The product comes in a 47" X 18" size, complete with detailed instructions. Texture Magic can be used with or without batting on any type of fabric - cotton, velvet, silk etc.

From this... this with Texture Magic


Sharon said...

Hi Jean,

Let me know know when it arrives. I will certainly take some. I starting to think already of possibilities.

Jean Boyd said...

Hi Sharon
I will have the Texture Magic here by April 10. I too can think of all kinds of things to do with it. It's always fun when a great new product comes on the market!